Treatments and Pricing

About Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Treatments I offer:

I integrate different techniques to suit my patients needs implementing some of the following methods:


Acupuncture has been in practise for over 2000 years in Asia and it is based on the principle that our energy or “qi” flows along meridians or channels in our bodies. Any blockage or disruption to the flow of qi can result in illness. The aim of acupuncture treatment is to restore balance to the body by the insertion of fine, sterile needles into acupuncture points.


Records show that moxibustion, or moxa, has been in use for even longer than acupuncture! The technique involves burning a dried herb called ‘mugwort’ and using it to apply heat to the body in various ways. The moxa can be applied directly to the skin or indirectly by warming a stick near the body, or on an acupuncture needle.


Guasha translates as “scraping” and the technique involves using a curved, smooth edged tool to scrape the skins surface after oil has been applied. Guasha increases the circulation of qi and blood to the area which can help release tension, therefore alleviating pain. Guasha can leave some marks in the area which fade after a few days.


Glass or plastic cups are attached to the skin using suction, and the cups may stay in place for 10 minutes or moved around an area, such as the back. Similar to Guasha, the technique increases the circulation of qi and blood to an area which releases muscular tension and encourages relaxation.


The acupressure points are the same as the acupuncture points and the “qi” can be regulated or activated by applying a pressure on the points. I may use acupressure points during the treatment itself or I may teach a patient on how to use the acupressure points at home.

Women’s Health

I understand how hard it can be to be a woman in today’s world. We can often find ourselves juggling our work, caring for our families and running a household, whilst trying to find some time to ourselves!

Often there is a lot of energy going out, but not enough going back in. Women’s hormones are complex and the combination of hormonal imbalances along with the stressors of modern life can take its toll on women’s health. When women come to see me, they often say “I just want to feel like myself again” or “I feel out of balance, but my test results are normal.”

Regular acupuncture treatment can rebalance your hormones and your energy and help you “feel like you again!”

Areas of women’s health I work on:

  • Menstrual cycle

  • Natural Fertility

  • IVF

  • Pregnancy

  • Breech presentation

  • Birth preparation treatment

  • Menopause


  • Phone consultation – Free (20 min)

  • Initial Consultation – £80 (up to 2 hours)

Includes a full consultation and treatment. The initial consultation is done online by Zoom (or phone call), where we will discuss your main health issue or issues, as well as your overall medical history and lifestyle.

The consultation lasts up to an hour and this is followed by your first treatment which is also 1 hour.

  • Follow-up treatment – £55 (1 hour)

Covid Safety:

As a member of the British Acupuncture Council, I follow their guidelines and PHE recommendations.

Additional safety criteria have been developed in response to Covid-19. Key security measures include:

  • Covid screening questionnaire and consent forms for every patient;
  • Appointment times are spaced out to allow all surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected between appointments;
  • The treatment room is ventilated at all times;
  • All patients are asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the treatment room;
  • PPE will be worn during the appointments and patients are required to wear a mask during the treatment.

Due to the strict cleaning schedule, patients are asked to wait outside until the appointment time when I will greet you at the door.