I have been seeing Emily for a course of acupuncture treatment to help with anxiety and menopause symptoms. All I can say is that Emily is AMAZING. 

I really look forward to each treatment as Emily straight away puts me at ease and listens to me. She is really enthusiastic about her acupuncture and genuinely wants to help in any way she can. I was really pleased to be able to deal with my symptoms without the need for medication. Emily you are a star!

Mrs. L.B., 50

Emily is knowledgeable in her practice of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  She has such a calming presence and really spends time listening to you.

I first started seeing Emily about 2 years ago on a weekly basis for a couple of issues and she has really helped me.  Since then I have been trying to get to see her once a month to keep myself tip top.

My mum also used to see Emily on my recommendation to help with arthritis in her knee and now she only sees her when she has a flare up.

Mrs. M.L.

When I first made an appointment back in February 2019 I was at my absolute lowest and felt like I was close to having a breakdown. I spent 2 years suffering with severe insomnia and was terrified that it was something I would have to live with forever, until someone recommended I try acupuncture. After my first appointment with Emily (which I cried all the way through) I went home and had the best night sleep I had had in a very long time and I could not wait for my next appointment. I continued to have weekly appointments and was making lots of progress and I was honestly starting to feel like the old me (I had many comments of how well I was looking) so we decided it was the right time to start leaving longer between sessions, I was a little anxious but Emily was amazing reassuring me that I would be fine and if I felt I needed to see her before my next sessions then to call and she would see me during her lunch break (she really cares and goes above and beyond for you). 

I had spoken to Emily about my fertility problems (I had been trying to conceive for 2 years and had several procedures and drugs with no success) and agreed we would start to incorporate this and in just a few weeks I was pregnant! I honestly cannot thank Emily enough the Chinese Medicine she practises not only helped kick my insomnia but helped me fall pregnant and completely rebalanced me. 


Emily is a fantastic acupuncturist, not just because of her obvious skill and knowledge in her field, but her ability to listen, empathise and understand.

Because of this, Emily is able to not only come up with an overall treatment plan, but adapt that plan if other things come up in your life.

As well as the physical things that Emily addressed in my treatments, she also worked on my mental health when I was going through extra busy times with work and family. This helped to keep me balanced and to sleep better during this time.

Emily explains the benefits of the treatments she administers and also what to expect afterwards, while also matching the treatments to my energy requirements for the things I will be doing during the hours and days afterwards.

Emily looks at the whole picture of your life and can adapt to help you in so many ways, whether it be physical health, mental health or both.

Steve, Reading